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Providing education on Tantric sexual mastery. Sexual dysfuctions, sexual traumas, low libido, and sexual adequecy can all be solved with the knowledge and practice of Tantra. 

Body work and energy release can play a big role in the healing process which can lead to sexual mastery.

Become a sexual master in and out of the bedroom!


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This was my very first true FBSM experience and it really resonated with what I have been focusing in my martial arts study recently - “Empty mind - be natural”. I felt (and I am still feeling) that I was able to receive what she offered beyond the physical level. In my work I don’t usually think too much about the spiritual side of the world, but the experience during Raven’s session made me convinced that something beyond my understanding exists.
— Anonymous Client

I had long been curious about Tantra, so figured I would give it a try when I found Raven, and I am thrilled that I did. She belongs in some ancient temple of Corinth more than in Denver. She takes something so base as erotic sensuality and elevates it to something ethereal. She possesses deep mesmerizing eyes that you can easily get lost in, hands and a body that will completely relax you, erotic skills that you just cannot comprehend until you experience it, a delightful studio space, and a passionate energy that left me more at peace than I had been in quite some years. It was truly an intoxicating session with her. She isn’t just a sensual partner, but also a meditative guide, and erotic mentor. She has taught me some exciting and pleasant things about my mental and physical sexual experiences, and I sincerely look forward to more time with her... My God, she is absolutely liberating.
— Anonymous Client

All I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG. Our session was more than I had expected. Raven is truly a gifted healer. I only surround myself with spiritual people and I am sooooo glad I met her. I have been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for 40 years. I have done meditation that went on for days. I have many friends that are spiritual counselors/practitioners. But she has raised her consciousness beyond many I have met. She is so wise for her years.
What was uncanny is that in her meditations or treatments she used the same spiritual language I have used for years. The same words, thoughts and empowering language I am familiar with.
There is just not anyone I know of, but her, that has been brave enough to take on spirituality and sexuality. And this is one of the most neglected of all our healing modalities. If she ever stops doing this, she will still have the training and experience to be a tremendous spiritual counselor and healer.
As far as my session. She has opened me up to the power of love and joy. My Chakras are open and I have unloaded a huge burden. I feel better today than I have in a long while. I feel the love flowing from the universe and through me like I haven’t felt in a long time!
— ~J.L.

I felt as though Raven was having the time of her life pleasuring me in unique and erotic ways. Raven has an obvious and natural affinity for sensual body work. From the moment we started, I could sense that she has a deep understanding of the body’s sensory systems. Starting with the gentle rocking all the way to the explosive finish I was completely immersed in her presence. Along the way, Raven massaged me using advanced techniques that providing a fantastic edging experience. Raven clearly and most enjoyably kept me at a high level of arousal for a very long time. Wow!
— ~Mike S.

Raven is all that everyone has previously stated and a whole lot more! After I had to back out of our first attempt at a session she graciously rescheduled me and I’m so glad she did! The morning of the appointment she sent me very clear directions via email to the incall and I couldn’t wait. She looked incredible! We spent the first ten minutes or so getting acquainted and setting goals for the 90 minutes. She’s lovely to talk to! We started out with some breath work and eye contact on her table, with some light feather touching, and it got me completely relaxed. From there, Raven took over and made me feel like a king. Her hands and body are incredibly intuitive and she really was able to relax me. She guided my breath in a way I hadn’t in years and I enjoyed every minute of our time together. She is a gorgeous woman, loves what she is doing and takes so much time and effort to create an amazing experience. I can’t wait for our next connection and going deeper into our practice. Thanks, Raven!
— Anonymous Client

I don’t usually write reviews. But I am breaking precedent for Raven! Whoa...what an amazing experience on every level. She is beautiful, sexy, smart, articulate, and just all around amazing! Setup was easy. She is friendly, sweet and professional. Her incall space is beautiful and has a great vibe. I booked a 90 minute session for Tantric FBSM. I practice yoga and have some experience with Tantra and yogic breathing, so we connected and went pretty deep fairly quickly. But even if you don’t have experience with Tantra, she is so open and such a great communicator, that I am sure that even a newbie will have an awesome experience with Raven if your mind is open and you just let things flow! We talked for a few minutes, then she gave me an incredible FBSM on her massage table. I started on my belly, and her incredible touch and strong hands penetrated every fiber and the combination of intense breath work and her amazing playlist just took it to another level. Bottom line: She is truly amazing and unique. And sexy as hell. Just book your session with Raven ASAP! P.S. I had such a great experience that I went back two days later for another session!
— Beeper833

If you are looking for the best massage of your life, book an appointment with Raven. Easy set up with a great location. She takes a few minutes to explain what she is going to do if you’ve never had a tantric massage before. She uses a combination of music, incense, and hot oil that left totally relaxed. Beautiful woman with amazing breasts. It’s a FULL body massage like I’ve never experienced, and as a 3 time MVA victim, I’ve had a lot of massages. My only regret was booking an hour instead of 90 or 2hr. Highly recommended and someone I hope to see frequently.
— Jaf069

I found Raven to be beyond amazing. That being said she may not be for all tastes. I will explain why this was one of, if not the, most amazing session I have had in my life. Firstly I enjoy experimenting. I love to try new things and see where it leads me. I was therefore very open to Raven and her methods. She starts things off with talking with you about what you want to get out of the session. She leads you through some breathing exercises that help keep you in the moment and help you get everything possible out of your time with her. She talks about communication, she says the session is about you and what you can get out of it, so express your needs and wants during. If you’re looking for a FBSM and only that, Raven can certainly fit that bill. But if you’re open and let her be your guide, it can be oh so much more. I will be back, weekly if I can find the time. Hell I woke up this morning wondering if she could get me in today. lol. Enjoy your time with her, it’s amazing.
— SirJava

She is an absolute gem in terms of beauty, not a barbie doll but a real natural show stopping woman. Although I generally enjoy a very hard handed massage due to a high pain level and I am a larger guy, she was able to give me a relaxing tantric massage which is something I never had before. My problem is that while I want to give her a stellar review and a 25 out of 10 in every category and I am fairly honest with these, I would rather not share it with the public so that her schedule would be more open for myself............see the problem. But it would not be fair to her to give a false review and keep her for myself. I will be calling her again and although the term ATF is thrown around like a rag doll this is truly my ALL TIME FAVORITE and cannot foresee anyone exceeding or even meeting the bar here. THANKS Raven
— ReconBull

Raven was exactly as she advertises and exactly wonderful. Outstanding incall location...the room created the perfect environment for what would happen next. Started the session with a brief chat about what to expect as I’d never quite had a session like this one before. She made me feel completely at ease, and when I hit the table, her hands and body took me to a place of relaxation and stimulation like I’ve rarely experienced before. Her pictures don’t do her justice, and the hour exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Can’t see how you’d be let down by spending time with her. Future sessions should only get better as she has so much to offer. Highly recommended and will see her again.
— wittosric

I haven’t had to find a new provider in quite a while, as I found an ATF and had been seeing her for the better part of two (2) years. She is closing her practice this month, so on the hunt I went. Raven is an amazing soul, what can be said about her that hasn’t been said before, in her previous reviews. Her incall is excellent, easy to find and she seems to really care about every aspect of your appointment. She is sexy, articulate and has a vibe about her that is contagious. I have a second appointment scheduled with her already, and if it goes as swimmingly as the first one, I’ll have a new ATF (although people use that term far too often). I hope she remains a provider for a long time, as she’s got a new client indefinitely. I hope to enjoy her additional services in the future.
— kilted_in_co

After reading a couple of positive reviews I decided to try Raven’s tantric massage. What a great decision. I have avoided prior tantric providers because they just seemed too “out there” for my down-to-earth, conservative and logical self—or somehow not genuine. Raven broke that mold. She is as beautiful as her pics. The session was as sensual, comfortable, and immersive as advertised. The Denver incall was great with before and after shower offered, and Raven’s communication for setup was welcoming and prompt. I will definitely repeat ... and can’t wait!
— osomello

I can’t even think of the words to describe how amazing she is. She’s my new ATF. Pics are 100% accurate. If anything she’s even more stunning in person. Lots of really well done tattoos. She’s really nice, down to earth, and connects with you right away. She really does seem to care that you have a good experience. I only had the one night in Denver, and could not have asked for a better practitioner to spend it with. Do yourself a favor and contact her. I don’t believe you can find better.
— texas_adam

It’s rare and so far I can count the number of providers that i go back to this quickly or at all for another session on one hand with half the fingers. But almost immediately after seeing Raven the first time I was thinking about a repeat visit. As I mentioned before she is a true gem of a women in every sense of the word. Fun to talk to and almost went over the appointment at the end just wanting to talk, very or lets say highly skilled at her FBSM/Tantirc session. This is my second review of Raven and its hard to say enough without feeling like I left something out other than the fact that you rarely get the feeling that she would like to be somewhere else and it is a true one on one experience. THANKS Raven, when i get back from overseas I will call you again.
— ReconBull

I have a thing for smart girls with tattoos- and I was not disappointed. Our conversation was easy, intelligent and felt like I was with a old friend. The in call location was quiet, and clean. You can tell by all the little extras Ms Raven has provided that she wants to make this experience extra special. ( You will have to find them for yourself ) The massage was excellent- at times almost too much as we worked our way to the finish line. I was not even out the door and I had wished I had booked a longer session- I can’t wait for my next visit.
— Mr Purple

Tantric Raven’s ad was very enticing and after some initial contact we decided on a meeting time at her incall location. Tantric FBSM has always interested me, and once I read the ad I definitely knew that this was the provider with whom to try it. I arrived a few minutes early and we had a nice chat where the Tantric process was discussed and explained; as well as expectations for the session. I showered and then she started the massage. Tantric Raven is a petite beauty with a wonderful, wonderful body. Somewhere along the line 90 minutes passed and I was left with a massive smile on my face. Ninety minutes was definitely the correct length of time for this type of session. At least in my opinion. I was surprised at how quickly the time passed. There will definitely be a repeat and I would recommend her highly. Her incall location is very clean and well kept.
— smiling586

Met Raven through another provider and I was not disappointed. She’s an amazing woman who is very beautiful and will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I found her to be a very interesting person to talk to as well. I %100 definitely plan to see her again when I get the chance and would absolutely without a doubt recommend everyone reading this review to see her. You will not be disappointed.
— Shaley Eremic

Raven is a special person. She is very in tune with herself and her sensuality which makes for a very unique experience. I was lucky enough to spend and hour and a half with her for a tantric FBSM. I can’t say enough good things about the experience, it was incredibly relaxing and sensual. I will definitely repeat.
— ubernos

Everything was smooth all the way through to my appointment. We contacted each other through email till the day of. This is was my first time on FBSM and what an experience, much more than what I was expecting. She was very easy to talk to and eased you through the whole tantra. I highly recommend this to everyone both male & female. I’ll stop here because writing about it doesn’t do justice to the experience. I’ll will setup another appointment here very shortly. Thank you Raven.
— tevoro

A session with Raven is truly an extraordinary experience! The care she gives is hard to match. You can tell she carefully prepares for clients as everything at her fabulous location seems perfect. She is so well prepared to make this a great experience. I have done a lot of professional massage, but Raven exceeds the best of them. Her body contact with you is more than tantric. It is very sensual as she slides her body against yours. I never knew anyone that made better use of a massage table. WOW! In tantric, it is very sensual and exciting to match the givers breathing patterns. I tried to do this with Raven which added so much to this experience. I loved the hot towels and her keeping lemon water available which is very important after a FSBM session. She does not abandon you on the table after the BIG release but stays with you, continuing to comfort you with caressing and sensual strokes. What a treat afterwards with a hot shower. Yes, Raven is the master seductress. She is hot and gorgeous and she dresses the part. My hats off to this beautiful lady as she loves what she does. You must give Raven a try.
— Skg

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