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Pain vs Pleasure

Pain vs. Pleasure

            What exactly is pain (physical pain that is)? It is a sensation that we feel in our body. It is something that causes discomfort and brings suffering into our lives. And what is pleasure? Pleasure is something that brings us happiness and a sensation that makes us feel good.  These are things that we associate each word with. But again, what if this is something that we have been programmed with? What if this is something that we have been taught to bring suffering into our existence.

Taught by whom you ask? This is something that I have yet to understand. I do not believe it is the devil or some higher government powers per say. But the thought is that at some point some authoritative control system realized how powerful we were. They also realized how controllable we are. In order to suppress the power that gives us the ability to control every aspect in our lives this higher system created ways to create suffering. They created ways to train us to believe that we have very little control over our bodies. But in reality, before being programmed in the way that we are now, we have the power to control ever aspect of our bodies.  How? As discussed before, everything comes with the belief that the power of our minds is strong enough to control everything from weight, to disease, to emotional wellbeing and even to pain.

Now imagine that you are a light being. You have died and your soul has ascended off of this planet and has left its human body. Every single thing that you experience will now be different. You will no longer feel physical sensation of “pleasure” or “pain.” All earthly programs are gone at this time and your mind thinks not of sadness or sickness. Imagine that you want to reincarnate and you are choosing to come back to earth to inhabit another human form. You are excited to take a physical body again. This is the state of mind that a godly soul is in. Having a physical body and feeling sensations that cannot be felt in a light being is one of the most rewarding parts of being human. Every sensation is seen as a gift. Every touch and every tingle is something that is anticipated with much joy and excitement. Your higher self as a light being is not associated sensations in the body as pain. Everything is pleasure and everything is a gift. It is not until you arrive in your human form and the programs are taught that you being to associate sensations with pain.

So you have reincarnated into a human form. Imagine yourself as a your higher light self. You have detached yourself from your earthly form and are looking down upon this body as a higher soul being. You see every sensation as a gift. Again, these are sensations that you do not get to experience as a godly light being. One goal you have in this physical form is to experience pleasure; to experience sensation.

Where does pain come from? If the mind is as powerful as I would like to believe than perhaps we have created this pain in our body as a way to feel. Indulge in the belief that one goal we have in this form is to feel sensation. Now if we are not experiencing the type of pleasure that we require than our minds will create sensation in another form.

With this belief there are two ways to release pain from our existence, bringing us into a state of constant happiness. The first is to shift your programming. Completely stop using the word pain. Remove it from your vocabulary! It is as if the word never existed. We have regular tapes that play in our heads as word vomit when we are in pain. They usually go something like, “Ouch that hurts. This pain is unbearable and is making me miserable. I can’t do the things I want to do. I can’t think of anything else. I am weak. I am sad. Will this every get better?” 

I recently had a terrible pain in my hip; one that made it hard to walk and was constantly bothering me. It filled my mind with negative thoughts. I began to complain about it to those around me and it consumed me. I thought with the power of my mind I could just will it away. I would just complete forget about it and poof it would be gone. But like everything, nothing is just that simple. Then I came to this realization in which I saw my body as something completely separate from my godly self. I saw it as a gift in which I was able to move, touch, be touched and feel all kinds of sensations.  The next day I changed my word vomit. Instead of saying the above mentioned my thoughts went something like this, “ Well that is an interesting sensation. Oh wow I can really feel an amazing tingling there. I am so lucky to feel so many wonderful sensations!” Someone asked me how the hip in my pain was, since I had clearly been complaining about it to anyone that would listen! I responded with, “Yeah I can definitely feel this sensation in my hip but it is great and I feel fine.” After a couple of days of shifting the thoughts in my head the sensation was completely gone.

So we have changed the word pain to sensation. We take note of what is happening in our body, we give thanks for being able to feel this form that we have taken and we label it as sensation, not as pain. What next? Well the next thing we need to do is give our bodies more pleasure! That is what we are craving after all and I believe that when we are not experiencing enough pleasure we will manifest other sensations in our body to make up for the deficiency. This is notion that goes along with the thought that we must do whatever we need to to create constant happiness. We need to do what we need to to create constant pleasure in our bodies. This means stretching, hugging, rubbing, massaging, touching and making love. All of these things are what we crave and immensely look forward to before re-inhabiting our human forms. However we easily forget when we have been in human form for some time. We forget how sensual we are as humans, we forget how good our skin feels, we forget how amazing human contact is. When we add more of this into our lives we let go of the need to have “pain” sensations in our bodies.

Look at sex in a completely different way. Yes, it is beautiful to connect and to make a love connection. But look at it as if you already knew you were one with everyone on this planet and that when you were with someone sexually you were going into it with only the intent that you were filling your body with complete pleasure. Imagine yourself as a car and you are filling up with gas. A car cannot run without gas, just as a body cannot run without pleasure. Your mind is completely empty. You are not thinking of how good your partner thinks you are. You are not thinking of your body. You are not thinking of what you need to do later. You are only thinking of the sensations. How they are making your body feel. How they are amplifying and how they are filling you from head to toe. Yes you are being 100% selfish but in doing so your partner knows that you are enjoying yourself, thus allowing them complete rein to fully enjoy themselves as well.

Women especially can get very much in their head during sex. For me, I was completely unable to reach orgasm with any partner until I let go of every self-doubt, negative thought and busy monkey mind chatter. The first time I did this and was able to reach orgasm with a partner I was blown away. I thought, “Oh this must be my true love.” Yes, love is a beautiful thing but it wasn’t my partner that I needed to be in love with to reach orgasm, it was myself.  

Sex in my option is the highest form that a human body is able to receiving pleasure. Think of it as a scale. Each form of pleasurable sensation gives you a little bit of juice to fill up your pleasure meter and sex, by far gives you the largest amount of juice to raise your meter. However there are also many other ways to fill your meter. Other things that we can do to create pleasure in our body are to try to make it feel good at all times. This means that if you are sitting at a desk and you begin to feel a bit of stiffness get up and do something about it! I don’t care if you are in an office in front of all of your co-workers. Get up and stretch it out. And listen! Do not just emulate stretches that you have seen. Listen to your body. Do things that feel good and stay in that position until you feel complete.

 Remember that it is about YOU! Be selfish and give your body what it needs. Remember to stay in a state of thinking of yourself as that higher light being. Think of your body as a pet. You are removed from it. You own this human form and you must take care of it. You must feed it, clean it and love it! You must do whatever you need to do to make it happy 100% of the time. You CAN live without “pain.” Remove it from your psyche. Shift your thoughts and enjoy every sensation that your body sends to you. If there is a sensation that might not be totally favorable consider that maybe you just need to do something just for you that will be sure to top off your pleasure meter!


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